Space Glass Necklace™

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Carry the Universe on your neck wherever you go!

Sometimes I think of the universe as a giant mystery box. We look at it every night but can never fully get the beauty of something so magnificent.

With this necklace, beholding the stunning galaxy is literally in the palm of your hand. Recreating the entire universe in a delicate crystal ball, it is itself a play of light and color, reality and magic.

Handcrafted to perfection, the necklace is a unique version of your own Milky Way. Light up your sky.

1. The most unique, gorgeous, and special gift ever! This is not only a necklace, it is a vibe of love. Our perfect universe design necklace is absolutely a great gift to express your love to your mother or sisters, wife/girlfriend/daughter/fiancée, or best friends on special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s or Christmas Day, Birthday.


2. Flawless design and terrific art crafts. This necklace is inspired by our amazing real galaxy. The smaller core ball is made of Japanese natural superb glass. Orbits and stars: these particles and strings are not a bubble, they are specially made of silver and handmade by Master Craftsmen.

3. Various fabulous looks in different lighting conditions. Galaxy necklace has a fantastic three-dimensional interior design and glows differently from different angles and lighting conditions. It looks glittering while you place it in a weak lighting place and gently shake it back and forth.

4. Comfortable wear for man/women. We provide a light yet sturdy cord chain with a moderate length suitable for daily wear.



While certain other companies out there will try to sell you counterfeit versions of the Space Glass Necklace, there's only one ORIGINAL version - and that's right here at Luxyrus. If you or anyone you know become aware of counterfeit Space Glass Necklace being sold online or off, please report the guilty party to info@luxyrus.com. Cheap counterfeit versions will probably break after just a few uses, plus, they could put you and your loved ones in danger. It's not worth the risk.

Luxyrus.com is the ONLY authentic manufacturer and distributor of the original Space Glass Necklace. Turn your lounge, bedroom, games room, or party into a nostalgic slice of heaven by placing your order today. WARNING: STOCK IS LIMITED - avoid disappointment by bagging your Galaxy Night Light's right now!

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